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July 17, 2012

Circles of Stones and Other Circles

I started out the week listening to my son Dylan’s original song “Circles and Speckles” on the video my other son, Jeremy, created for my daughter Julie’s 40th Birthday party this past Sunday (click on Hyperlink to listen).

Today, Stephen Parker, posted photos of several Megalithic stone circle sites on the Jung Hearted Facebook Page. What followed was an interesting discussion as to the meaning and reason for these types of circle of stones sites in Europe and other parts of the world. I immediately thought of feminine spirituality and the numinous quality of the sites that can be felt by all who visit and view them.

Man and woman that don't get in the Circle get exhausted.” Michelle Proverb
After reading and responding to the JH posts, the very next post I opened on Facebook was this picture of man/woman circle.

Circle of Stones, PIXAR, Emeryville, CA
Later today I went to PIXAR to meet Jeremy and his wife, Aimee, for lunch and the first thing I noticed on the grounds coming up the walk to the main building was...Yep! You guessed it!...the "Circle of Stones" that replicate the circle of stones in the movie Brave. Brave, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet is an animated movie about an exceptional young woman by the name of Merida, who comes into her own as a full-fledged person - beyond her duties as a Scottish princess who is expected to fulfill her clan's expectations of her - and gains the allegiance of her straight-laced, custom-bound mother along the way. It is a wonderful movie that I’m going to go see again!

And as I made my way up the PIXAR walk, I realized  that my thoughts about Merida fit in well with the words I heard in my mind while waking up from a dream a few days ago: “Rethink, reimagine, and Reinvent your life!”

It also came to me while thinking about the connection between circle of stone images, a young woman finding a place in the world for her authentic self, and my dream message to reimagine my own life that I needed to revisit Judith Duerk’s lovely book “Circle of Stones: Woman’s Journey to Herself.”

Image from Shiloh Sophia McCloud's "Color of Woman" Journal
Here are the opening words to Judith Duerk’s book:

“Circles of stones, haunting, healing, powerful…from the ancient circles, the Ring of Brogar in the Orkneys, the Rollright Stones, Stonehenge…to the dozens, perhaps hundreds of circles in Scandinavia and the northern isles…

“Circles of smooth stones on a tabletop…dream images of stones in a circle…primordial places of devotion, the sacred grotto…attending the Goddess. For modern woman, the circle of stones as the place of centered stillness…listening to what is within, her work of individuation as her woman’s ego separates from the values around her and finds a ground through its roots in the archetypal Feminine, in the sacred Self within.

“This writing rests on the image of a circle of stones. Not contiguous, the spaces in between trust the feeling and intuition of the reader to bridge the gaps. The themes—not linear, but circular, like the feminine process of consciousness in either man or woman—come round again and again, impressing meaning through nuance, soft change of colouration, shift of light and shadow, deepening the imprint through subtle change of cadence, rubato.

“The underlying theme…of woman’s birth from woman…identification with the Feminine…separation, as the animus, her masculine side, exerts its pull…her eventual return to feminine ground…to come to her own unique consciousness of the archetypal Feminine…to let the strong, wise, and deep Feminine manifest in her life…now, not in unconscious identification, but through her own individual, subjective being and efforts.”

In light of these synchronicities and awe inspiring words, I find it auspicious that it is my beautiful granddaughter Lexi’s 19th birthday today. It is my blessing and prayer that she, too, find her perfect place to express her many gifts in this sometimes lovely/sometimes wounded world.




  1. Lovely, Jenna. And another tiny synchronicity: Duerk's Circle of Stones was one of my favorites too, and the publisher, Luramedia, ended up publishing my first book on psycho-spiritual and women's issues "The Bridge to Wholeness: A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth." Your image of the beautiful bridge on this blog would have been a perfect representation for that! Blessings, Jeanie

  2. Thank you for commenting and sharing your own connection to Circle of Stones, Jeanie. Now, I have another book to add to my summer reading list..."The Bridge to Wholeness: A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth"...which sounds like it would fit in nicely with Marija Gimbutas's "The Language of the Goddess" and your latest book "Healing the Great Divide," which, by the way, I have ordered at a local bookstore here in Berkeley. It should be here this Friday...I'm excited to begin reading! Much love, Jenna